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Hardwood Flooring Restoration and Repairs

City J Hardwood Floors has many years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor repairs.  We can refinish your old, worn hardwood floors to their former beauty and save you the cost of replacing your floors.

Hardwood floor repair and restoration is an art that takes skill and experience.  City J Hardwood Floors has been doing hardwood flooring restoration for over a decade.  Let us use our skills and experience to transform your worn or damaged hardwood floors to floors that look new again.

City J Hardwood Floors prides itself on working with and educating our customers.  Before we start any work in your home we want you to understand the hardwood flooring refinishing and repair process.

What is involved in hardwood floor refinishing?

When refinishing a hardwood floor City J Hardwood Floors generally follows the same process

  1. We start by removing any molding at the base of the floor, the molding can be reinstalled once the hardwood floor is refinished
  2. We then inspect the floor, hammer down any protruding nails and fill in any scratches and holes with wood putty
  3. The hardwood floor is then sanded using a drum sander and by hand in spots as necessary
  4. The floor is then vacuumed and swept to remove the dust and debris 
  5. Once the hardwood floor is cleaned we use a floor buffer to smooth out any uneven spots or scratches
  6. We then apply the hardwood floor stain.  Hardwood floor stains come in many colors and the customer can choose to match the existing floor color or choose a unique color
  7. The last step to refinishing hardwood floors is applying a wood finish 

What is the process for repairing hardwood floors?

The process for repairing wood floors varies depending on the type of damage you are trying to repair.

Wear Spots

Wear spots happen in high traffic areas. The finish and stain on the hardwood floor section is worn away and the wood looks discolored and different from the rest of the flooring.  To repair the damage the spot must be hand sanded and then a hardwood floor stain is applied to match the existing floor, and the hardwood floor is sealed.


Scratches on hardwood floors happen as a part of normal wear and tear.  Superficial scratches can often be repaired by applying a solution which cleans and polishes floors.  For deep scratches or gouges the scratch can be filled in with wood filler which matches the color of the existing floor and then sanded.  If this method does not work than the floor area should be sanded down to the bottom of the scratch, stained and sealed

Water Damage

Hardwood floors that have been damaged by water can be repaired in one of two ways.  The damaged section can be sanded, restained and sealed or the damaged hardwood floor can be repaired by weaving in new floor planks.  Repairing a water damaged floor may involve not only replacing the hardwood floor planks but also inspecting and replacing the plywood subfloor.


One of the advantages of having hardwood floors is that they can be refinished which includes staining.  Hardwood flooring due to normal wear and tear needs to be stained approximately every 7-10 years.  A new hardwood flooring installation also involves staining so that the installed flooring can match existing flooring or match the style of the home. At City J. Hardwood Floors we specialize in refinishing and staining hardwood floors and we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to select the right stain for a look that compliments the customer’s home. There are many things to consider when choosing a stain and we are here to advise our customers as they make the best selection for their home.

Wood Stain

A wood stain colors your floor which enhances and sometimes changes the color of the hardwood.  There are many hardwood stain colors to choose from and colors can be blended to create a custom look.

Some popular wood stain colors include: dark wood stain, weathered oak stain, gray wood stain, cherry wood stain, golden oak stain, white oak stain and red oak stain.

City J Hardwood Floors recommends that a customer choose at least 3 different stain colors.  City J Hardwood Floors will then apply these wood stain colors to a test area in the home so that the customer can select the best look for their home.  City J Hardwood Floors typically uses the MinWax brand of wood stains but will accommodate the customer if they have a preferred brand.

Sample wood stains:

Wood Stain vs Wood Finish

Customers sometimes confuse a wood stain with a wood finish.  A wood finish is applied to seal the floor and it is a clear coating that does not change the color of the floor.  A wood stain colors the wood and can either enhance the hardwood flooring or change its color entirely.  Typically a wood stain is applied first followed by several coats of a wood finish to seal the hardwood floors.

Types of Wood Finishes

Oil-based finish – an oil based finish is often lower in cost than a water based finish and it is more wear resistant than a water based finish.  However, this type of finish will take longer to dry than a water based finish.
Water-based finish – a water based finish is environmentally friendly, and takes less time to dry, however it is more costly per gallon than an oil based finish.