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City J. Hardwood Floors specializes in building wood staircases, as well as repairing and refinishing wood steps, wood stair treads and wood balusters.  We will work with you to ensure that your hardwood staircase is not only beautiful, and durable but also complements your home.

City J. Hardwood Flooring has over a decade of experience in constructing and refinishing hardwood stairs both for homeowners and commercial properties.   We also remodel wood staircases, install wood stair railings, repair, or replace wood stair treads and stair spindles.

You may be wondering if it is time to update or repair your wood staircase.  Here is a list of common issues that may signal it is time to contact a hardwood flooring specialist and wood staircase professional.

Creaking Stairs

Wood stairs usually creak due to a gap between the wood stair and the wood stair riser.  This problem is easily repaired by a hardwood flooring professional.

Loose Stair Treads

Wood stairs creaking can also be an indication of loose wood stair treads.  This is potentially a serious problem because loose wood stair treads can weaken the structural integrity of the staircase.

Water Damage

When water soaks into wood including wood stair treads it can make the wood soft.  This type of wood stair can collapse under weight increasing the risk for potential injury.  It is best to replace wood stairs that have been damaged by water.


Over time you may notice the color of your hardwood staircase start to fade due to normal wear and tear and the effects of direct sun on the wood.  A staircase renovation will restore your wood stairs to their former beauty.
City J. Hardwood Floors has the experience, the talent and the passion to build a beautiful new wood staircase for your home, or to renovate your existing wood staircase.